Documentary Seris: De Kolping

A documentary about a working-class district near my hometown. De Kolping has been overhauled in the past year and a half. This renovation and demolition creates a lot of tension and stress for the residents. This series frankly shows how the lives of the neighbors have been interwoven over all these years by their love for the neighborhood where they have lived for so long and where they have shared joy and sorrow.

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Youtube Channel: Aaron Hardin

Aaron Hardin is a photographer based in Tennessee. Since the outbreak of COVID, he found his way online where he interviewed several photographers such as Alec Soth, Matt Eich and Richard McCabe. Besides the interviews he also has some free lectures online about image editing, and ethics in photojournalism.

Link to Youtube Channel

Photographer in Focus: Jeff Wall

On the Youtube Channel 'Nowness' they regularly highlight the work of a certain photographer. They talk about the work and the photographer's methods. In this episode, they interview Jeff Wall. I like the fact that he describes his work as 'near-documentary'. I am also interested in quotidian life within my practice and I learned a lot from looking at the works of Jeff Wall.

Link to Photographers in Focus

App: Headspace

I use this app for over a year now but I think now it is more relevant to me than ever before. It's an app for guided meditation and mindfullness and they offer both free and paid courses which you can follow everyday. It is a really clear app with simple instructions and lots of exercises. Not particularly a source of inspiration but it can definitely help to give your inspiration a boost.

Headspace website

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Documentary: Cutie and the Boxer

It's a film about a long-lasting marriage, yet also a love story filled with love-hate and resentment. Most of all, it's about creativity, and not just the standard "artists struggling" theme, though that's surely there. Art is a demon which can take over your life, says one of the film's subjects, artist Ushio Shinohara.

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Photographer: Carolyn Drake

I take a lot of inspiration from the works of Carolyn Drake. Her work explores community and the interactions within it, as well as the barriers and connections between people, between places and between ways of perceiving. I admire her sensibility, the way she looks. The imagery feels mundane but somehow very sensitive.

Carolyn Drake website

Movie: True Stories (1986) by David Byrne

The film is presented as a series of vignettes centered around Byrne as an unnamed, cowboy-hat-wearing stranger who visits the fictional Texas town of Virgil, where he observes the citizens as they prepare for the "Celebration of Specialness" to mark the 150th anniversary of Texas' independence.

It's a glorification of commonplace and kitch complemented with ordinary people, which I really enjoyed.

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Book: Harlemville by Clare Richardson

Harlemville is a pacific community in North America that lives according to Rudolph Steiner’s philosophy, with a focus on freedom of expression, creativity, imagination, strong self-respect and self-awareness. Clare Richardson has been living in Harlemville for two years and, in the meantime, she shot the quietness of those days, strongly characterized by harmony and respect for nature. During this time she fully enjoyed this idyllic community and its radical optimism. Her work is focused in particular on a group of kids living a never-ending summer, with the same energy that we usually associate to the last days of a trip, before return to school.

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Instagram Q&A: PHmuseum with Laura Pannack

PHmuseum is a curated platform dedicated to contemporary photography. They are doing regular interviews with artists on Instagram. I try to watch most of them and also participate in asking questions. This specific talk was with Laura Pannack who is a British social documentary and portrait photographer, based in London.

I asked her the question how she is dealing with the lockdown, and most importantly her creativity and inspiration during it. She replied extensively and told me she was also struggling but found a few ways.

She told me that she found inspiration by practicing other art forms. Play an instrument, read a book, talk with artist friends and learn from each other. Stay as much connected and involved as you can be but don't feel guilty for taking a step back for a while.

Laura Pannack Website


Photographer: Laura Pannack

British social documentary and portrait photographer, based in London. She makes art focused on social documentary and portraiture and seeks to explore the complex relationship between subject and photographer.She is driven by research led self-initiated projects that push her both as an artist and as an individual. She largely shoots on analogue film allowing the process to be organic rather than being predefined by fixed ideas, thus removing additional pressure on the sitter.

She tries to understand the lives of those she captures and to present them creatively. 'I am a firm believer that time, trust and understanding is the key to portraying subjects truthfully, and therefore many of my projects develop over several years.'

Laura Pannack Website

Series: Fargo by the Coen Brothers

I love the compostitions in this series. But what appeals the most to me is the characters. They all have such strong characteristics and each have some sort of quirky flaws.

The first season follows a drifter who brings trouble to small-town Minnesota in 2006, while Season 2 focuses on a young state police officer and Vietnam veteran in 1979 South Dakota and Minnesota.

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Galerie Gmurzynska

Galerie Gmurzynska is an international art gallery with locations in Zurich and Zug, Switzerland, that specializes in modern and contemporary art as well as Russian avant-garde.

Each Wednesday, the gallery presents on Instagram one of the many beautiful books they use for research

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Article: Rise of the Virtual Gallery

An interesting article on the relevant topic that is the online viewing of art. The editor of Frame magazine talks about what works and what doesn't work regarding online galleries and museums. An interesting quote: 'Interior architecture is its own kind of user interface, and a key factor in art’s enjoyment'.

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Youtube: Phototalks

New York based photographer Willem Verbeeck regularly posts videos where he interviews and follows a photographer for a day. The video's are around ten minutes long but they give a lot of insights. The address topics such as photographing strangers, importance of color, editing the images and the developing of film.

Link to Youtube Channel